About Us

Clavo is the brain-child of a group of professional, who have colossal knowledge and insights into consumer trends in india and international markets, people who understands the pulse of Indian urban women and have been interacting with her for decades, professionals who have cutting edge knowledge of global regulatory trends, highly experienced and dedicated technical professional with rich formulating experience and professional who have expertise in areas as diverse as e-commerce & digital marketing.

Clavo is the result of a common buring desire in the heart of all these professionals to bring to india a complete range of color cosmetics that is truly ultra-safe, truly world-class ( nat par with products available in Switzerland, France, Germany of New York) and truly superb value for money.

Clavo product are made by an N V Group facility(a 16 year old group having highly experienced chemists & technologists) who are having technical and raw material support with ChromaDurlin of France(a 30 year old, world leader in nail enamel market having a huge production facilty in South West of France). More information available on www.nvcos.in

7-Promises of Clavo
72 Shades: Clavo offers you an exhaustive pallet of 72-shades to suit every need ,mood,occasion and attire.
Non Yellowing : Clavo does not contain DBP,which is hard plastic sitting on nails depriving them of nutrients,hence clavo nail luster is non-yellowing."
Perfect Covering : Clavo gives perfect coverage in just two stroks.
Smooth Finish : Clavo gives your nail a high glossy finish and silky texture.
Chip Defiant : Clavo does not chip-off. Exceptional chip defiant formula.
Long Lasting : Clavo is long lasting,therefore value for money!!
Quick Drying : Clavo offers you smudge-proof,quick-dry technology

What is 5 Free 5-free is a team used to denote nail-enamel that is made WITHOUT using 5-most commonly used harmful chemicals
Toluene Used for smoothness but is neurotoxic.
DBP : Used to keep nail polish flexible but is hard plastic sitting on nails,depriving them of nutrients and turning them yellow.
Camphor : Used as a dispersant to increase fluidity and dust repellent but can cause seizures,irritability and body toxicity
Formaldehyde: Used for nal hardening and as a disinfectant but is intensely irritating,can trigger asthma and is cancer causing.
Formaldehyde Resin : Can cause skin irritation breating difficulties and cancer.